Play With Your Food 2017 – Looking forward!

Murray Bennett2017 Play With Your Food

April is here and it is time to talk PWYF! The MegaGame was held in March and was highly successful raising $2500 for Souls Harbour so we are off to a good start!

I would like to talk this month about the challenges running a successful fundraising event that is going into its 4th year. We have raised $120,000 in that time which is a phenomenal and humbling total and my total respect goes out to the teams that have done so much to make this happen.
So many lives have been helped at Souls Harbour and I know they are deeply appreciative of your hard work and contributions!

In this 4th year I am sensing a momentum swing to less enthusiasm. It doesn’t shock me as I have read and been told that maintaining a successful event year after year is not easy and that becomes the challenge for our executive.

In the past 4 years, by April there would be many teams signed up and out there raising funds, as of April 1st we have 4 teams signed up.

I sense there may be some burnout in the community and I hope we can get back on track. We have lost a few teams, which is disappointing, so my appeal to you is to talk to myself or Roxanne if you want to see changes or have ideas or just need a hand getting going!
It gets hard going back to friends and family every year for donations and planning fundraising isn’t always simple.
My advice is make whatever you do fun – then it doesn’t seem so much like work!

We are always looking for new ways to raise money and this year we are investigating packaging the last MegaGame down to 3 hours and doing for corporate team building functions; if you work at a corporation where this might work let us know.

We are also planning a summer BBQ/fundraiser/outdoor game Olympics for all the teams to get together and raise funds as well as use the networking for teams to get together and maybe come up with joint ideas for fundraising!

Remember the reason we do this is for those who just don’t have all the things we enjoy daily or are going through tough times – we are a community of board gamers and we can make a difference in the larger community that we all live in – as we have for the last 4 years!!

Come talk to me (Murray) or Roxanne at any of the events – we would be more than happy to hear your ideas!!