2018 MegaGame – Aftermath

media2018 Play With Your Food

Thanks again to all the participants of another successful MegaGame to kick off the Play With Your Food season! We raised $xxxx in support of Souls Harbour Rescue Mission of Regina.

Aftermath took place on May 12, 2018 at the German Club. Various groups of survivors of “the event” weathered a hard winter underground in southern England, only to emerge and try to re-build society. Some of the government focused teams managed to restore some order, aided by regular BBC broadcasts from Benedict Quislingsworth, while outsider teams trusted no one other than their pirate radio broadcasts from American ex-pat Crazy Old Bill. Cannibalism was of course inevitable.

Crazy Old Bill ended up getting the last laugh it seemed. Here was his parting transmission:
“It turns out that I was the only one that ended up visitin’ those whatcha-ma-call-it enumeration centres, and registered myself to vote! Seein’ as I was the only one there, I cast a vote…fer myself! You’re now listenin’ to the Right and Honourable Prime Minister Bill, keeper of the crown and defender of the faith. There’s gonna be some changes around here, don’t you worry, and a new era o’ peace and prosperity is upon us!”

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