2016 Play With Your Food Event Registration

Ryan Newell2016 Play With Your Food

Registration Instructions
Participants in the Play With Your Food event must pre-register in teams for the purposes of fundraising.  Initially, teams can include 1 to 6 members.
(Teams of 7 or more can be created only after a team has achieved the minimum fundraising requirement for a team of 6.  See below for more details.)

Each team will be given a donation page at the Canada Helps website where friends, family and businesses can donate money with the donation going towards your team’s fundraising goals.

Once you have your team assembled, pre-register your team for the event here.  This survey should only be filled out once per team by the team captain/designate.

Following the survey, each participant must also pay a $25 registration fee by making a donation in that amount here.  Please provide your name and your team’s name as a personal message with your donation so that we can easily track registration.  (Please include the names of all the persons you are paying for if you are paying more than one registration fee.)

A team is not considered fully registered for the event until all its participants have paid the $25 registration fee.  Once a team is fully registered, a Canada Helps donation page will be created for the team.  The link to the donation page will be emailed to the team captain.

Fundraising Goals

Each team is given a minimum fundraising target depending on the number of people in a team (1-6).  Teams must achieve at least this minimum to participate in the 24-hour event.   The minimum fundraising targets are as follows:

•             Individual: ($25 registration fee) + $75 minimum funds raised
•             Team of two: ($25 registration fee x 2) + $100 minimum funds raised
•             Team of three: ($25 registration fee x 3) + $125 minimum funds raised
•             Team of four: ($25 registration fee x 4) + $200 minimum funds raised
•             Team of five: ($25 registration fee x 5) + $275 minimum funds raised
•             Team of six: ($25 registration fee x 6) + $350 minimum funds raised

If you want to register a team with more than 6 people, you must first meet the minimum fundraising target for a team of 6.  You will then be allowed to add additional members to your team.  This will also push your minimum fundraising goal up accordingly.

Remember, these are just the minimum fundraising requirements — we challenge each team to far exceed these modest goals to help us surpass our overall goal of raising $30,000!